School of Excellence Program

The Mesa Verde Middle School PTSA knows a strong partnership among our families, school leaders and community members is important to the success of our students and school. That’s why we are participating in the National PTA School of Excellence program, which grows

partnerships between PTSAs and schools to enrich the educational experience and overall well-being of all students.

The School of Excellence Program aims to:
■ Provide a step-by-step framework to support PTAs in identifying and implementing best practices in family engagement.
■ Build inclusive and welcoming school communities to enrich the educational experience and overall well-being for all students.
■ Help attract new, action-oriented PTSA members who want to focus on the issues that affect our children the most.
■ Provide networking and learning opportunities for PTSAs to gain support, identify and reach goals and earn recognition.

At National PTA School of Excellence, families feel welcomed and empowered to support student success, and PTSA is a key partner for continuous school improvement. We feel Mesa Verde Middle School and MVMS PTSA can achieve that together—and the result will be national, state and community-wide visibility for the positive impact we are making together at Mesa Verde.
Feedback is needed from families, staff, and teachers at two points in the school year—the beginning and the end. PTSA & the school will review survey results to identify areas of growth needed, which will become our action plan for the academic year. PTSA will share the action plan and progress updates with families here on our website.

Maha ElMeniawy, MVMS PTSA President, [email protected]

Mrs. Kellie Moore, MVMS Principal, [email protected]

MVMS PTSA School of Excellence Timeline

  • Oct. 15: Program Enrollment COMPLETE
  • October 9-16:  Baseline Survey Administration COMPLETE
  • October 17 – November 15: Analyze data and set shared objectives COMPLETE
  • November 15: Initial Application Due  COMPLETE
  • November 15 – May 14: Take action!
  • May 15 – 21: Final Survey Administration
  • June 1: Final Application Due 
  • Mid-August: School of Excellence and Hearst Award Recipients Announce

MVMS PTSA School of Excellence Goals

Focus Area: Ensure Health & Safety of Students 

Objective: To support students’ emotional and mental well-being

Aligning with these indicators from the National Standards for Family-School Partnership Rubric: 

  • Support educators to partner with families and students to set social, emotional and academic goals 
  • Help families and students plan for the future

Based on our survey results which showed 23% of respondents did not know or never heard if the school involved parents in planning for student transitions, this is especially important at a middle school. 

The way we will meet this need:

  • Working with the school counseling team to learn the sequencing and content for elementary school to middle school and middle school to high school events
  • Create webpage that highlights the full sequence and accompanying resources, similar to local high school pages regarding graduating high school seniors 
  • Distribute information through homeroom teachers and elementary schools
  • Advocate to include social and emotional preparation and goal setting in those sessions
  • Work with the counseling team to host a parent and student education night, using the district format of “What I Wish My Parents Knew: High School Edition”. Content will be focused on socially and emotionally preparing students and the adults in their lives. Helping students find clarity in who they are and their identity outside academic and co-curricular achievements, grounding their decision making in their dreams and strengths rather than the pressure to be the best at everything (taking every AP class, or get into an Ivy league), and providing coaching to parents on using their role to support the students social and emotional goals. 
  • Support content and facilitation of the 6th grade parent information night in May 2023.