MVMS Murals

Why Murals in the Cafeteria?

We are invested in the well being of all our students and want students to feel a tangible connection to our school. By allowing students to paint the columns in our lunch area, we are:

● Giving students an opportunity to be creative at school

● Allowing students to express themselves and improving their mental health through art

● Exposing students to a wealth of art traditions from around the world to inspire their work

● Creating ownership of the school campus. Students painted while their friends watched creating a sense of joy and pride in the their permanent expressions

Theme of the Mural Project

When students applied to participate in the program, they were encouraged to be inspired by art traditions from around the world.  Our students impressed us with how creatively they incorporated this prompt.  For example, one mural pays tribute to recent scientific discoveries with a backdrop of patterns used in South African Ndebele artwork.  The artists equated the bold patterns with the need to be bold in science.  More murals drew inspiration from Finland, Native American art, pop art, famous artists like Keith Haring and Greek mythology.  We were also open to students expressing their feelings on the pillars – so we have a peaceful pond surrounded by lavender,  a pillar celebrating human achievements in space exploration and a portrait of an inspiring hero.

The project was open to MVMS students and staff and most murals were painted in groups of up to four over 1-3 days. 

Viewing the Art

Please feel free to wander and stop at each pillar.  We have summarized artist statements and photos of the murals/artists in this presentation.